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Ornamental shrubs are the basic element in any arrangement, offering color and attraction in any season through the wide variety of shapes, foliage, flowers, fruits and stems. They create coverage throughout the year by selecting species that bloom in spring-summer, such as the Weigela, Buddleja, Philadelphus species, along with those that produce colorful fruits in the fall, such as Pyracantha and Coteneaster. If we include Hamamelis and a few species of Lonicera, we will get a spot of color that will light up even the gloomy winter landscape, through the beautiful flowers they produce. However, the size and style of the garden, through shrubs with a woody stem structure, will outline the overall picture, so it is good to choose the right species and plant them before the perennials. Some varieties of ornamental shrubs are indicated to be used in hedges, as screens or in limited spaces.

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