Red ornamental buckthorn "Ventoux Red" 1.70 - 2.00 m / Pyracantha coccinea "Ventoux Red"/

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    Pyracantha (Piracanta) is an evergreen shrub with an erect habit, thorny branches, ideal to be used in groups or to form hedges, being an attractive plant in all seasons. If it is left to grow naturally and without pruning it does very well, it will develop in the form of an enormous, very picturesque shrub with an undefined shape. When planted next to a wall (which it will completely cover), it will grow very tall. The leaves are small, narrow, unlobed, bright green. Spring produces countless small white, fragrant flowers that cover the entire plant. The flowers then turn into green, small, round fruits and start to color at the end of summer, they remain on the plant during the winter until the following spring. It prefers soils not very rich in nutrients and adapts well to calcareous ones.

    Pyracantha "Ventoux Red" (Piracanta rosie "Ventoux Red") - red fruits.

    Maximum height: 3 - 4 m

    Maximum width: 2 - 3 m

    Zone 6 -23.3°C / -17.8°C (minimum temperature resistance).

    Growth: fast.

    Location: sun, semi-shade.

    Resistance zones for plants in Europe:

    Average annual minimum temperatures in °C*

    Zone 1 < -45.5°C

    Zone 2 -45.5°C / -40.1°C

    Zone 3 -40.0°C / -34.5°C

    Zone 4 -34.4°C / -28.9°C

    Zone 5 -28.8°C / -23.4°C

    Zone 6 -23.3°C / -17.8°C

    Zone 7 -17.7°C / -12.3°C

    Zone 8 -12.2°C / -6.7°C

    Zone 9 -6.6°C / -1.2°C

    Zone 10 -1.1°C / +4.4°C

    Zone 11 > +4.4°C

    * Minimum temperatures are an important factor that determines plant resistance (the ability of plants to survive in places where these minimum temperatures can occur).

    This principle was created in the early 1960s by the "Department of Agriculture in the United States of America" ​​and was then adapted for Europe by W. Heinz and D. Schreiber.

    Based on this principle, Europe was divided into 11 zones.

    Catina ornamantala rosie &quot;Ventoux Red&quot; 1.70 - 2.00 m / Pyracantha coccinea &quot;Ventoux Red&quot;/ gradina-noastra
    Catina ornamantala rosie &quot;Ventoux Red&quot; 1.70 - 2.00 m / Pyracantha coccinea &quot;Ventoux Red&quot;/ gradina-noastra
    Catina ornamantala rosie &quot;Ventoux Red&quot; 1.70 - 2.00 m / Pyracantha coccinea &quot;Ventoux Red&quot;/ gradina-noastra
    Catina ornamantala rosie &quot;Ventoux Red&quot; 1.70 - 2.00 m / Pyracantha coccinea &quot;Ventoux Red&quot;/ gradina-noastra
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